Friday, July 24, 2009

Summer Writing...Savor the Memories and Hone Writing!

How summer flies, or so it seems! With the kids off from school, it's nice not to be so scheduled, but school is not too far away and how nice it will be to have the kids in their own places for the entire day! Well as back-2-school starts earlier each year, it's hard to avoid that school will start and so will grades, tests etc.
Another fun way to keep the kids working on educational skills during the summer is by keeping a journal! Journals are fun because any age student can keep one and they can add pictures or their own artwork. It's a great way to hone the writing skills, but still giving them the freedom with the pencil! A fabulous way to also document what they did during the summer!!
Journal away!


Kelly said...

Love crayola!

tutor MY way™ said...

We do too! An amazing resource!!