Thursday, May 7, 2009

Summer Planning- Don't Forget the Library!

As May is getting in full swing, it's hard not to think about Memorial Day Weekend and the closing of schools. Many parents are planning summer camps, vacations etc. In this economy, we all know that planning ahead can help the budget, but still have some of the summer fun!
In planning, please don't forget to plan trips to the library! The library is a great way to participate in local education programs free of charge! Even though the students may not want to study in summer, it's imperative to at least keep the skill set from this year up to level to ensure a smooth fall. Check your local library for programs as they often fill-up quickly!
If you would like to add customized tutoring into the summer schedule, feel free to contact tutorMYway to learn about special summer pricing! It's a fun way to engage your student without the "school" atmosphere and schedule! You control the time, the sessions, the schedule and the subject! We do the rest so our parents can enjoy the summer knowing their students are in good hands!

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