Thursday, July 10, 2008

Memorable Summer Activities- Let's Make A Story Map!

During the summer we beat the heat by taking vacations, visiting water parks and other recreational activities. As parents, we make an effort to give our children the opportunity to enjoy summer as well as make memories, like we all have. Despite the activity, there are many ways in which parents can help polish Language Arts Skills while using these activities as a backbone.

Scholastic provides a great template to fill-in that can help students to create their own entire stories with all of the elements. For example, students can write a story about an activity they did enjoyed in the summer or something they want to do in the future. This can be a fun activity and help enhance Language Arts skills.

Story Map
  • Fill in a Story Map and then tell their story aloud
  • Fill in a Story Map and write the story
  • 2 students/parent can use the same map to write their stories and compare!
  • On a side note, a tall glass of lemonade can make all of these activities "more fun!"
Summer is a time for fun and I think if we can add educational activities to real-life experiences, students can make personal connections in a deep level and enjoy the activity to the fullest without making it seem like Summer Homework!