Saturday, August 8, 2009

Free Coloring Pages, Puzzles, Worksheets

August is here and so is back-to-school! It's hard to escape all of the back-to-school sales and advertisements. As we spend wisely on our students getting all of the latest school gear, tutorMYway wants to share a fabulous FREE educational resource with all of our dedicated parents and care-givers!
Crayola provides a vast database of coloring pages, worksheets and art-related activities at: There are a variety to choose from given grade/skill-level. (We also love the "Make Cards and Gifts" great way to save money!)
These sheets are a great way to get into the "back-2-school" mood and practice focusing. Feel free to browse them and print the activities you would like to share with your student. A great positive reinforcement will be to put them on display for your student.
Happy Back-to-School from your premier in-home tutors at tutorMYway!