Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Earth Week- "Turning Green"

Happy Earth Week to All from tutorMYway! Every year it seems that Earth Day and Earth Week are getting more press, which is fabulous! One common thread among all is that we ALL live on the same planet! It is literally "Our" Earth and "Our" lifestyles and choice have a direct impact on the way we choose to treat our Earth!
There are so many wonderful ways in which students and teachers can get involved in their communities to incorporate into their lives. However, we think it is essential that educators and community leaders focus on "being green" everyday, not just this week. Often we use the lessons during this week, then file them for next year. In working with youth, it is important to "emphasize, emphasize, emphasize..." so we hope that we continue to address throughout the year!

One organization that we have been following is "Teens Turning Green." The products they recommend are wonderful and the site is very educational for teens and adults. It's easy to read and a fun way to become "green" and offers suggestions on how to get involved. They describe the organization on their website:

Teens Turning Green is a national coalition of teens educating peers and
community members
about safe, healthy, and green lifestyle choices. The
campaign focuses on the daily chemical
exposures in our schools and
communities that harm our health. Teens across the country
work to advocate
for policy change to protect our health and inspire actions that sustain our earth.

Have a Happy Earth Week from tutorMYway, your in-home customized tutoring professionals!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

NY Times Learning Connection and "SAT Question of the Day"

Another great tool: SAT Question of the Day provided by the NY Times. The NY times has a fabulous array of tools for students (3-12), educators and parents on "The Learning Network" on NY Times on the web.

Students can access news stories, ask a reporter, take quizzes and get definitions for the "word of the day." It's a fun way to learn and keep up with current events. The site is safe and will keep students from grades 3-12 engaged! SAT students: Check out the Question of the Day!

Educators have vast resource of news-related stories, history that they can include into their teaching. Keeping learning current helps engage students and teachers themselves. There are also lesson plan tools and archives and more!

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Welcome Spring!! and the SAT!

As the weather begins to change and buds emerge, it's hard not to notice that Spring is here! Spring is beautiful, fresh and often signifies a new beginning. However, for our high school students, Spring is synonymous with the SAT. These 3 letters change student's lives as they learn new words by reading the NY Times to make verbal "fun," remember all those Math problems and prepare for a perfect essay.
Test anxiety is normal, but it's also helpful to keep in mind that test scores are only one part of the portrait that Admissions committee see. In an effort to help our students during this rather stressful time of year, we wanted to share a "free online practice SAT test site."
Good Luck from tutorMYway and feel free to contact us with any SAT or personal tutoring requests.